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  • I understand, does it matter if I change the order status to canceled through woopos or woocommerce’s back office?

    I always curius about this but never found the time to ask. Thank you.

    Great, thank you. Just in case I need to create buttons for real customers where can I find their member ID?

    I did not know this was possible but I guess creating membership cards that you could scan for fast customer changing is doable.

    Well, I have not look into the matter that much but WooCommerce Points and Rewards seems reasonable (although pricey) choice since it is developed by the Woocommerce company.

    Hello, I guess you thought about this feature even if not implemented yet. I would like to ask how do you plan to do this will you make a wordpress plugin for points compatible with woopos? I am thinking to have a loyalty system soon in my web store and it would be great to know in advance what plugin I would need in order to sync my customers points in woopos when this is available.

    Oh now I get it. You just need to select the SKU with the variations you need to keep and the SKU info are not getting lost they just add up (if you have 2 QOH in the first SKU and 3 QOH on the second SKU the merged SKU will have QOH = 5, same with lookup if both have 1 lookup number the merged SKU has 2). This way is even better, I thought that the info of the first product are getting deleted.

    Could you also add somewhere in the window (e.g. window title) that we select the product the variation SKU we need to merge which is the variation we are linking?

    Wouldn’t be better to merge the Wrong variation into the new (correct) variation and after the merge the new variation will still have the same SKU and variation attributes but overridden (from the wrong variation) historical transaction, inventory quantity and lookup?

    For example we have SKU TEST002-RED-WRONG-VAR and TEST002-BLUE:
    Select TEST002-RED-WRONG-VAR (Quantity: 15, Lookup: 123456789) -> Link to another variation (Search and select TEST002-BLUE ((Quantity: 0, Lookup: ”)) – > After the merge TEST002-BLUE has the info of TEST002-RED-WRONG-VAR (Historical Transactions, Quantity: 15, Lookup: 123456789) and TEST002-RED-WRONG-VAR is deleted.

    Ok I understand,
    thank you.

    Ok, I understand.

    Thank you.

    My images are uploaded online at my website. I was wondering if I can assign my already uploaded images to my products (and the variations of it) online via excel import. Is the link I send only for assinging images to WooPos’ product image?

    Yes I wanted multiple images per product (the main gallery picture and the additional ones like in woocommerce) and 1 per variation(Woocoomerce allows one image per variation without using a plugin as you know).


    I just tried to do it on my own and it is pretty easy to do it by using the special price interface and the build query option. So the only question here is that if the discounts are getting synced at woocommerce. I tested one product but it seems that this is not the case. Am I doing anything wrong?

    Oh yeah right I thought I could not access web order from Transactions menu. One adition to your steps is selecting to see orders from all stores.

    Thank you for guidance Benjamin.

    Ok I understand. So lets say someone asks me to refund a item and I do that and changes status to refunded. Woopos picks up the change and sets the order as refunded (aka canceled). Is there a way I can copy from this transaction so I can immediately make the changes that needs to be done?

    So I should create an invoice manually and not change the order status to refunded in order to avoid QOH updates to all products? Then I wont be able to send to the partial refund email to the customer. This is kinda confusing.

    And when I say there is not order status I mean officially in woocommerce. Because you can add one if you are using a plugin.