Auto Entry of Rewards Points at Checkout

  • I’ve got my rewards program set up in WooPOS but was wondering if there is any way to set up auto-entry of points to be redeemed at checkout, and whether the value of the points being redeemed can be limited to a certain percentage of the total sale price. In my WooCommerce store buyers are limited to a five percent discount using their rewards points but I don’t see any way to do the same in WooPOS.

    You can set up how many points minimum to redeem, but we don’t have a function to limit maximum points to redeem. You can hit INSERT key in points field in the payment window to automatically calculate how many points are available to redeem. WooPOS has a function (switch 049) to convert points to Coupon once points reach minimum redeem points. It’s hard to do everything exactly same way, especially on WooCommerce because plugins are designed by different people in different ways.

    I don’t think the coupon option would work for me since the points need to be available both in WooPOS and in the online store. Am I correct in assuming that the WooPOS coupons aren’t also available to online buyers?

    Right. WooPOS coupons and points are separated from WooCommerce online coupons and points, cannot mix at this time.

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