Best Practices: Clearance Items

  • I’m wondering how others handle perishable products that are nearing their “sell-by” date in WooPOS. In my store these items go to a clearance shelf with a lower price than other items bearing the same SKU. I’ve been discounting them at the register, however it seems like there ought to be a better way to do it. I’ve considered creating an unique SKU for clearance items and using inventory adjustments to remove (“write-off”) the full-price items (using the original SKU), and to “receive” (using the new SKU) the same items into clearance, but I don’t know if this is the correct way to do it or not.

    Looking for suggestions. Thanks!

    You can do either way. If you want to discount on same Sku, you can create a discount quick launch button, like a “50% off” button. Or you can create a new Sku and adjust inventory. We recently added a quick edit QOH function, you can go to any list view with QOH column, just click, and enter new QOH.

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