Create Sku on-the-fly when selling

  • I was wondering if there’s any way to add products while you’re in the middle of a sale? Not all of my stock has been added to my database yet and I keep encountering (mid transaction) products that can’t be added to a ticket because of that. In my previous software I had a “miscellaneous” product that I could use in such circumstances and I’m guessing I can create the same thing in WooPOS, however being able to add a product on-the-fly (similar to QuickBooks) would be a huge help.

    You can just create a SKU called “miscellaneous” or “misc”, leave description blank and price zero. When you sell the SKU, the system will ask description and price on-the-fly.

    If you do special order or custom work, you can use SPECIALSKU:

    Special SKU for Special Order

    You can also create a SKU starts with the word AUTOSKU. When you complete the transaction, the system will automatically create a new SKU use AUTOSKU as a template. This is same as SPECIALSKU, but it will not force you complete the transaction as a special order.

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