Database – Main computer

  • Hiya

    So I’ve been reading through the forums and the advice is that you install the SQL database on the most powerful computer.

    Our set up is literally just one till on the shop floor, but also I wanted to access the database from the shop office and also from home office. Would you recommend then putting the database on the till computer so at least it operates fastest off that one? Or would you say that with the cloud set up, it actually doesn’t matter, it’ll still operate just as fast if the database was say, in the shop office and the til gets the cloud database? Assuming all points have the same powered computer


    If you have a stable local network in the shop, you can install just one database on the main computer which is always on.

    You can install a database on each computer for redundancy. The drawback is the changes in one database will be visible in another database 5 minutes later.

    For the home computer, you should install the database, since it’s on a different local network.

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