Discounts per vendor

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    I was searching the Knowledge Base but I cannot find anything regarding this. I was curius if it is possible to apply discounts by vendor (or another criteria) so I could massively apply a discount instead of selecting one by one the products. In a couple of days it is the discount period and most of the products will be sold with a discount. Is this possible ? And if it is will the discounts sync to woocommerce as well?

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    I just tried to do it on my own and it is pretty easy to do it by using the special price interface and the build query option. So the only question here is that if the discounts are getting synced at woocommerce. I tested one product but it seems that this is not the case. Am I doing anything wrong?

    We’ve added bulk update sale price function for you. Please upgrade and test.

    change multiple products special price for woocommerce

    batch update price for woocommerce

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