gifted items

  • In some cases I need to take out few items from my store to send it as gift or to send it as samples..

    what is the best way to reduce the quantity without impacting the sales reports?? i used to make them as PO with 100% discount.

    on other hand, some times i got these gifted / sample items back to my store.. now what should i do?
    i do sales return transaction with 100% discount as well.

    in both cases I need to generate an invoice or note by the clerk who did this transaction. so manually adjusting QOH will not help as it doesn’t print a note or invoice in my receipt printer

    I think you can do inventory manual adjustment. You can put adjustment reason and detail as a note, and print the inventory adjustment report. Or create a new store, transfer items to the new store. You can also do PO or sales, it depends on how you do accounting.

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