How to display all inventory under Sku’s tab?

  • I’m trying fix prices after something mixed things up, so I am going item by item that is on hand. At the top of the page it shows Top 500 of total 1152 Sku’s displayed – How is that changed? Hide inactive is unchecked as well as Show Main Sku Only.

    For performance issue, WooPOS only loads top 500 Skus/Products by default. You can type any keywords (description, Sku, product number, etc) to search the products. Up to 500 Skus will be displayed if more than 500 Skus in the search result.

    Alternatively, you can load all items by holding CTRL key, then click F5 Refresh button. This will bring you the full list of products instead of top 500 products.

    In default (top 500) mode, the result for keywords searching is directly from the database.

    In the full list mode, the result for keywords searching is from the listview(local memory, F5 refresh manually). You need to click the Search button or Shift-Enter key in order to search.

    Looks like something is still missing. The total display below the search box when doing that says 1152 skus, but there is definitely not that many displayed. Also verified missing items from that list show up in the search but not displayed there.

    Thanks for pointing out. We have found a bug and it has been fixed. Please upgrade (download and install).

    Thanks, looks like a more correct list now after the update.

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