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  • I’m going to try WooPOS on my laptop for testing, and how can I migrate and backup the WooPOS data and setting to another new installed WooPOS computer? thanks

    When you install WooPOS on the second computer with the database installation, you will be temporarily connected to another database on the local network or the cloud database. The POS will sync data from the cloud database to your local database in the backend. Once it has done (about 10 to 30 minutes), you can restart and switch to the local computer.

    How to check data sync status?

    Hi Benjamin


    Just to follow up on this, can I actually work remotely on a home computer if the database is installed on the work computer? Or will it involve the abovementioned 30 minute download from cloud

    If no database installed on your home computer, WooPOS will automatically connect to the cloud database. Or you can manually connect to the office computer database if you know how to set up TCP/IP port (1788) forwarding on the router.

    If you install the database on your home computer (recommended), it will take about 30 minutes to download the first time. After initializing, the data should be synchronized across databases within 5 minutes if there’re no big changes like products importing.

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