inventory by sku report sorted

  • Hi,

    I would like to have a report which shows all my products in all stores sorted by product quantity so i can know what products that i can make sales or marketing on them.

    inventory by sku report is good enough, only if i can add custom query to sort by qty.

    maybe in the next upgrade, you can add in the custom query menu a specif field to sort by.

    You can use the “Raw Data” function (checkbox below print button) to export data to Excel and then sort by quantity.

    The raw data function is not available in the inventory by sku report.

    even if made print preview then export to excel file, the exported excel file have product name and sku in the same column, so the exported data is not suitable to be made as table and sorted.

    Please try to use an administrator account. You will see the “Raw Data” option and SKU and product number columns.

    But I don’t want this user to be an administrator, he is already a power user with almost 95% of permissions.

    and he need to generate this report every week, so its not practical to let the administrator do this job on behalf of the poweruser.

    Just first check if this works for you or not. I’ll enable this function for all users for this report.

    yes it did work for me using the administrator account.

    it would be beneficial to have it enabled in all reports for all users.

    I have enabled for all users. Please get the upgrade.

    i did the upgrade but the option didn’t show to users, I’m on version

    Maybe data sync delayed. Can you check if switch 086 is on (in store settings)?

    yes seems data sync issue, after all data got synced, i restarted the software and it worked.



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