Inventory By Sku report

  • the Inventory By Sku report have the following:
    1- Gross profit doesn’t equal to (Retail – cost) ??? maybe wrong calculation ?
    2- it shows currency as $ instead of the currency attribute.

    also to save papers, I suggest to have the product sku + description in the same line instead of having them in two lines.

    hope to get this fixed whenever you have time.

    The cost is average of landed (final) receiving cost. If you sold items before PO receive posting, the cost may not be correct. You can go avg cost field in Sku Info tab to manually fix it. Please give me a Sku example which has the wrong cost.

    The currency symbol in reports can be changed in region and language settings in Windows control panel. The store attributes currency won’t work with reports.

    We cannot change the extra line on the report as this may affect other reports or other clients. You can print “Raw Data” report and format yourself.

    almost all sku
    check these

    The gross profit is %, not $. Please get the upgrade.

    thanks for the update,
    but on the same report, it shows only 309 products, while i have 800+ products???

    The products are not “manage stock” or no sale or PO history won’t show up. Please try this before print the inventory reports:

    woocommerce add-inventory-items-without-sales-history.png

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