Inventory items not showing up in count as well as a search issue

  • We are in the middle of the inventory count and have come across a couple issues we did not have last year.

    The first is this is the first year we are using a barcode scanner with the PC app. We use it daily with the POS at checkout. When we are doing the inventory count and working with a batch – in the search box we scan the barcode, the barcode appears and the obvious return key is added. The search jumps to the wrong item though. If you manually hit enter again, the search will go to the right item.

    Along the same lines, in this same batch, we selected all items – even with 0 inventory. When we go to search, we have found a few items that have been in the system at least since last year – and can be found by just going back to the POS screen. They can not be found/do not exist though in the inventory snapshot batch.

    We are on the latest version as well.

    Did you use the magnifying glass icon to search? You should not use this function if you use the scanner. Just use the text input box beside the magnifying glass icon to scan the barcode into the inventory count batch. Please email us screenshots with the example SKU if anything wrong.

    On the Inventory/InPut Inventory Tab, the only box that has the magnifying glass is the Quick Add Item.

    We are using the box below that – Search Items from List, one. We click there, scan the UPC and it jumps to an item that does not correspond to the correct one, you have to manually hit enter again then it goes to the right item.

    As far as the missing items, here are two: 88040 and X12RS15F. Both show up fine with those numbers or the UPC on the SKUs page but not Inventory Count.

    Can you get the upgrade and try again? If it still doesn’t work, please send us a screenshot and a video by email.

    We’re are still having the issue when scanning with the barcode, it jumps to the wrong item – then we hit search and it goes to the correct one.  This is all without changing what the scanner inputted.

    Try to hit ENTER key after each scanning, or click the “Lookups” column header before scanning.

    I’ll try the lookups, but as far as hitting enter, the barcode scanner is adding a return key after input.

    Looks like the update that i downloaded this morning seems to have resolved it – V20.01.12.10


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