Inventory off problem

  • Our inventory is off on some items and we are selling inventory we don’t have. Lots of web store’s stocks showing “On Hold” ??

    Please first make sure sync is up to date. Follow this and re-import web orders.

    If you find any problems, please send us an example SKU.



    I’m curious as I just ran across this issue as well.

    Do we alway shave to do this?  I thought previously orders online would deduct automatically from inventory?

    Inventory is still not correct though and the item for that online purchase is not showing up in the who bought this screen.

    It will deduct from quantity on hand and put it to on-hold, until you finalize the web orders. You can select all web orders and click the finalize button one to finalize all web orders. The quantities will be changed from on-hold to sold.

    Please make sure to check on “Show All Stores” (above the refresh button) on “Who Bought This Item” tab.

    Please send us screenshot with examples if anything wrong.


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