Labels for layaways

  • Hello,

    I created a label that I want to print when I am having a layaway transaction. The printed label will contain the name of the customer, what he ows and their phone number. I found the database fields for the owing amount and the name but I am having trouble with the phone number. My customers some prefer to give me a home number and some others their mobile phone number, so I am not sure what field is the appropriate to assign. Is there a databasefield that I can use and print the first available phone number?

    You can copy and paste this whole line into “DatabaseFieldSpecial” field in the label designer:

    (case when phone1!='' then phone1 when phone2!='' then phone2 else cellphone end)

    You can print label in customer section. Or in POS–>F3 Transactions–>More–>Print Custom Form. This label will be based on your transaction (customer and due date etc) or transaction items (product info and attributes). At end of the transaction, after payment window, re-print receipt area, there’s a “print custom form” button.

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