Layaway and Parking Transactions

  • I realise that there are a huge multitude of functions in Woopos. I would like to suggest a more user friendly way of parking a transaction? Though I realise there are probably legacy issues or whatever that might prevent it.

    I have seen a system whereby to put a transaction on hold, you can just start a new sale (by clicking a button “new sale/transaction” and the current transaction that is in progress gets put on hold, or Parked (in Woopos terms) and then you can simply go back and view the ongoing transactions, you can assign a name/customer to that transaction as well. It’s a really good system that might be less confusing for retail staff in the event of customers walking away from the till briefly.

    Thanks for your suggestion. We have added a “park/hold” (F12) button in POS screen to allow you to park the transaction with one click. Please get the upgrade.

    That works really well, thanks

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