Logout when you click out of POS

  • How do I stop the user having to keep logging back in even though I have set the no login to 3000 secs. It appears to be when you click out of POS and then try to go back in to POS.

    It was considered logging out if you click back-end functions in the original design. I have just changed, so if you login back-end and front-end as the same user, the system won’t ask you to log in again. Please get the upgrade and try again.

    Along the same lines, what about after a sale. Is there a setting for that so we are not prompted for login? Currently we have only 1 user that does all counter sales.

    You have to log in at least two times a day, one for the front-end and one for the back-end. You can turn on the switch 072 and set up username and password just for one character to simplify the login process.

    Please check this article if you don’t want to log in again after a sale:

    Staying Logged Into POS Between Transactions

    Turning on or off switches


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