Missing records

  • Hi,
    I have setup woopos on my PC and on my clients PC. Her PC is missing products and customers. How do i make sure it downloads all the data?

    All published products and all recent orders’ customers should be automatically imported. You can go Setup–>WooCommerce–>Import Web Products, and import all products again. If still missing, you can give an example product name and customer name, I can check it for you.

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    WP010085 is my clients DB id.
    Product is “157 Carton”.

    The customers issue has been fixed. The data she imported was incorrect.

    I have spent a couple of hours to check the product “157 Carton”. When WooPOS sent product listing request to the WooCommerce API, all products showed up except this product. This is the only one missing. I’m not sure why, it could be API issue or other WordPress plugins. I created a duplicate copy of this product, nothing changed, the copy of the product showed up.

    To fix this problem, you can just create a copy/duplicate, delete the original product, and import all products again.

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