Need upload to web option some special attribute.

  • Hi Benjamin,

    Is there any way to add below basic attributes to setting > attribute section like other special attribute catalogue ?

    UPC/Lookup # and List cost.

    Using woopos upload to web option for attributes, i want to upload above two value as attribute to use item description and analysis.

    Happy new year.

    I have added two attributes (“UPC lookups”, “list cost”) for you, and saved “{GetFromLookup}”
    “{GetFromListCost}” as value. These two attributes will be updated automatically. You may need to turn on “Upload to web” and “Web Visible” in the attribute settings, and add the attributes to the attribute set.

    Other auto fill attribute syntax you may interested:

    {GetFromBrand} {GetFromProductNumber}


    Actually i have missed product # and brand to request. Thank you so much.

    It all really helpful for feed marketplace like google feed things.

    I have question about setting.

    How to add below 4 values to attribute.  Would you mind add below autoupdated attributes?

    I have tried add below value but there is no option add value type.

    Lookup                 {GetFromLookup}
    ListCost                {GetFromListCost}
    Brand                    {GetFromBrand}
    ProductNumber  {GetFromProductNumber}



    You can go any product/SKU attributes window put  {GetFrom…} into the attribute value box, save the SKU.

    Yes it is updated all items automatically after add value one item.


    Thank you.

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