New categories not being created in WooCommerce

  • What needs to be done for new categories to show up from the POS to WooCommerce ?

    For example I created a new Category under Ammo/Centerfire/6.5 Creedmoor. This is not syncing over to the webpage.


    The WooPOS department and online category are different. One product can only belong to one department or sub-department, and it can belong to multiple categories. WooPOS only import online categories as departments initially. Please create the new category online (WordPress backend) and create the new department in WooPOS separately.

    Sorry, could you clarify a little. If I create the new category in WordPress will WooPOS pull it down in the background then without having to force a manual sync? Meaning once I create it, I should be set and can move items to that category without doing anything else?

    The new category created in WooCommerce will automatically show up in WooPOS. The products with categories changes in WooPOS will be pushed to the web (WooCommerce) automatically. You don’t need to do anything.

    I just went to try this again and I am missing something still.

    I created a new category in WooCommerce, waited about an hour now and there is nothing new in WooPOS. I created the same Department name in WooPOS and assigned the product, but when publishing to the web it is just publishing to the top level of WooCommerce.

    You need to close and re-open POS to refresh. Most people don’t add categories often. I have just added a manual “Reload Categories” button, so you can refresh without restarting POS. Please get the upgrade. The department name in WooPOS won’t be uploaded to WooCommerce. You have to create the categories in WooCommerce and select them in product editing screen either in WooPOS or in WooCommerce.

    I’m running into this again – where is the reload categories button?  I thought it may be on the WooCommerce page or the setup page that has categories, but apparently I am missing it somewhere.



    It’s on “Web Info” screen. You can also restart POS to refresh. Please print screenshots or record a video email to us if you have more questions.

    Restarting the POS is not doing it for us.  I want to say the last time, I even updated the software at the same time since I was closing the app anyway.

    I’ll check that screen when I get back out there.  Thanks

    Just email us screenshots or videos to show us how do you do it.

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