New products not being auto created in WooCommerce after creating them in WooPOS

  • After adding some new inventory and wanting to update the product description, I am unable to as the product is not created in Woocommerce.

    Updates to existing products work but the new ones are not created there. Under the Woocommerce settings both boxes are checked for updating details and inv.


    Did you go Products->Skus->Info tab, Web Info button, then click Publish button? You have to click Publish button in order to publish a product from POS to Web.
    Please check this article as well:

    WooCommerce Data Synchronization

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    Interesting, that is why I couldn’t find publish. The previous version before I updated for the displaying all of the inventory issue, it would error out. I would get the it is not a web product and you must publish, I would click OK then it would try and launch a Internet Explorer window and error out.

    It is now opening the detailed window correctly after clicking the web info. Thanks

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