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Paying out to a customer for a consignment item?

  • What would you recommend for a process to pay out to customer that we have sold their consignment items within the POS system? I want to be able to easily keep track so when we print out monthly transactions to record in QuickBooks it will be taken care of.

    I tried the paid out option but that is not recorded in the transactions detail report.

    I want to say I tried to create an item with a negative amount but that didn’t work. I’ll check that again tomorrow just to be sure.

    Am I missing another option that would work?


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    You can create a consignment Sku:

    Creating a Consignment SKU

    You’ll need to create a new consignment Sku for a new customer, don’t re-use the Sku.

    The consignment report can be found in Reports–>Customers section.

    Please get the upgrade to fix the negative amount problem you may have.

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