Paying out to a customer for a consignment item?

  • What would you recommend for a process to pay out to customer that we have sold their consignment items within the POS system? I want to be able to easily keep track so when we print out monthly transactions to record in QuickBooks it will be taken care of.

    I tried the paid out option but that is not recorded in the transactions detail report.

    I want to say I tried to create an item with a negative amount but that didn’t work. I’ll check that again tomorrow just to be sure.

    Am I missing another option that would work?


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    You can create a consignment Sku:

    Creating a Consignment SKU

    You’ll need to create a new consignment Sku for a new customer, don’t re-use the Sku.

    The consignment report can be found in Reports–>Customers section.

    Please get the upgrade to fix the negative amount problem you may have.

    Is there a way to make the payout show in the normal day to day transactions? That is more of what we were looking for.

    We are using 17.10.14 and I can’t enter a negative value for Consignments as it says it is less than 0. If I go into the item and try to manually set minimum price I get the same error. Is there another update we are missing?

    You can type “paid” in report section search box. There’are Paid out listing and summary reports there.

    For the negative amount, can you send us an email with a screenshot where did you put negative amount?

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