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  • Does WooPOS use the stripe payment I have setup within Woocommerce or do I need a different CC payment processor?

    What CC hardware would work with the Surface tablet?

    WooPOS doesn’t use the payment gateway you setup in WooCommerce. The online gateway is used for “card not present” transaction, while POS is for “card present” (face to face) transaction. We don’t support Stripe. For EMV(chip), non-EMV(swipe), “card not present”(phone order) transaction, you can use World Pay. You can get a quote from them.

    Setting up WorldPay(Vantiv) TriPOS Cloud Payment Integration (World Pay contact form)


    We highly recommend World Pay as it’s more secure to process EMV with pin. You don’t need to worry about PCI Compliance:

    PCI FAQs


    To process integrated payment, you must have internet access. There’s no direct connection cable needed between the computer and the pin pad. World Pay provides two types of pin pad: Verifone MX915 (wired RJ45) and Ingenico iSMP4 (WiFi).


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