PO inventory

  • I have to notes:

    1- if i created PO in one store and then close it to work on another PO, I can’t see or manage this PO in another store!!

    2- although that in the PO, i created ship to store id 2, and also mark store 2 in the directly ship to box… but seems this data is for information only, the PO will appear in store id 1 only where i created, and once i receive the items and post them, the QOH will increase in store #1 instead of store 2.

    is this normal behavior where every store have its own PO cycle instead of having central PO cycle?

    1. If you create PO in store 1, and add order items for both store 1 and 2. When you login store 2, you should only see items for store 2.

    2. Looks like you did not check on “Show All Stores” when you added order items. You can order items for both store 1 and 2 while you log in to store 1. And you can choose ship to stores directly or ship to one store and then distribute/transfer to another store. The main difference is PO report to instruct vendor’s shipment. Please send a screenshot or a video (http://www.recordit.co/) by email how do you add items.

    Please check this:

    Adjusting Item Quantities in a Purchase Order

    You should use “Quick Add” function to add items for another store. Please use “Add Items” or “Edit Qty” on the bottom left of the PO Order&Receive screen, select “Show All Stores” on the next screen. Pay attention to the store name of each line.

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