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  • Hi Ben/Woopos team

    Really enjoying Woopos (although admittedly, it could perhaps be updated in terms of the style of the layout!)

    One issue I have being in the UK though: I believe that in the US and some other countries it is very common for customers to be shown the price excluding tax and then upon paying, the tax is added. However, this never happens in the UK, and as a retailer, I always deal with prices including tax from the get go, so prices are always 19.99 or 29.99 including our VAT. This presents an interesting problem for me in that upon uploading prices to Woopos, I now have to reverse calculate all my retail prices before tax, which is kind of weird. I am wondering whether you have a workaround for this?

    I have seen some other POS systems and those based in the UK all require you to upload the retail price, and then the tax, and the system calculates the excluding tax price for you, as opposed to the other way round.

    Just something you may want to consider?

    We’ve just added this feature. Please make sure you have the tax rates set up in the store settings. SKU taxable (Y/N) is required in the Excel file. Please get the upgrade and try again.

    Yes it works, that’s great, much much better (for me at least!)


    I have similar problem, but I did not understand how to do this. I have prices (with VAT) in woocommerce, working well. I have just recently downloaded WooPOS and took my products from woocommerce in the setup phase.

    Now I cannot find a place where to set the settings for setting the tax. I know in “Stores” I can add 24% tax, but that would include another 24% on top of the price. I’d need to show in receipt how much of the total cost is tax. How to do this and thank you in advance.

    When you import from WooCommerce to WooPOS, you should check this on.

    If you add a new product in POS, you should check “Prices Inclusive of Taxes” on.

    The tax amount will be printed on the receipt automatically.

    Thanks for the advice. I was able to get 1566 products with tax included, but for some reason still almost 2000 is wrongly set. Do you know does WooPOS take this from some WooCommerce option or is this only when doing the the import from woocommerce?

    I assume I can do the import again, right? I did, but not help.

    Please send one example SKU with tax included and one without to support @

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