Quick Launch Custom Query

  • Hi

    I am just trying to write an action for a button. I wanted to Delete an item and then not have a prompt ask me if it’s okay.

    So i created a Delete button with the action: {Delete}{Enter}

    But it didn’t delete anything, and just goes to the “Enter Sku” field.

    I tried {Delete}{Delay}{Enter} but that didn’t work either.

    Am I doing something obviously wrong?

    Okay so, it works with {F11}{Enter}

    But it’s weird that {Delete} won’t work considering it does on the keyboard?


    You did correctly. The problem is you focused on the list item, but the system automatically changed the focus to SKU text input box before the action. So the DEL button will delete the text in the box, not the line item in the list.

    You don’t need to create a virtual button for a physical button.

    Thanks. Yeah I just wanted to have a delete button that did not ask if it’s OK before deleting

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