Re-locating SQL files?

  • Slowly replacing some hardware, other software I have given myself access to SQL SA as needed on our server to relocate the MDF and LDF files.

    I don’t see any settings in WooPOS to specify the database location.  My database regular login doesn’t have permission to even view the properties of the SQL files which seems odd since it was installed under this account.

    Is there a way we can grant access without having to go into single user mode?  Also if I move the files will WooPOS pick up the new location since it is using a named instance?



    The database files are in c:\woopos\data folder. Please don’t move the file manually.

    If you want to access the database, please email support.

    To install the database on a different hard drive other than C:

    1. Make sure database cloud sync is up to date:

    2. Rename C:\WooPOS\SQLInstaller.exe file to AlternativeSQLInstaller.exe

    3. Uninstall the existing SQL database:

    4. Delete C:\WooPOS\LocalSettings\Globals.rts, Globals.rts1, Globals.rts2 files

    5. Run WooPOS again. Select install database and specify the folder to install the database

    Please send us TeamViewer access by email if you want us to set it up for you.



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