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    sometimes I am assigning a wrong variation to my product (usually the color is not exactly the color I wanted) is there a way to easily change only the color variation (and the SKU of the variation) without changing anything else. At them moment what I am doing is I am creating the new variation, then I am adjusting the Quantity of the new variation to match the old one, I copy the Lookups and I assign them to the new variations and then I delete the wrong variatons. This proccess is very time consuming if you have more than 1 products that you want to change so I am asking if there is any alternative.

    Thank you.

    How about this one: use “Link to existing Sku” function in variation window:

    Wouldn’t be better to merge the Wrong variation into the new (correct) variation and after the merge the new variation will still have the same SKU and variation attributes but overridden (from the wrong variation) historical transaction, inventory quantity and lookup?

    For example we have SKU TEST002-RED-WRONG-VAR and TEST002-BLUE:
    Select TEST002-RED-WRONG-VAR (Quantity: 15, Lookup: 123456789) -> Link to another variation (Search and select TEST002-BLUE ((Quantity: 0, Lookup: ”)) – > After the merge TEST002-BLUE has the info of TEST002-RED-WRONG-VAR (Historical Transactions, Quantity: 15, Lookup: 123456789) and TEST002-RED-WRONG-VAR is deleted.

    You’ll need to create and select proper variation first. Then select the wrong variation SKU to merge. Even you do it in wrong order, all data including transactions, quantities, lookups, will be merged. You can still change the SKU later. Just pay attention to the message on the screen.

    Oh now I get it. You just need to select the SKU with the variations you need to keep and the SKU info are not getting lost they just add up (if you have 2 QOH in the first SKU and 3 QOH on the second SKU the merged SKU will have QOH = 5, same with lookup if both have 1 lookup number the merged SKU has 2). This way is even better, I thought that the info of the first product are getting deleted.

    Could you also add somewhere in the window (e.g. window title) that we select the product the variation SKU we need to merge which is the variation we are linking?

    Please get the upgrade:

    merge or replace variation


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