Selling by Feet / Yard

  • New User Question:   I understand attributes such as color/size, but we sell many items by length, e.g. by the foot, yard, etc.

    I added feet, for example, as an attribute (set as an integer value with “For Transaction Item Option” checkbox) and added an attribute set for it.

    In POS, it correctly displays the popup asking the cashier to enter feet, but does not change the quantity.  Is there a way to associate an attribute with quantity?

    I know if we checkbox “Partial Quantity” in SKU setup, it will ask for a new quantity, but nowhere near as intuitive for cashiers (Do they enter feet, yard, etc.?)


    WooPOS allows you to define the unit you wish each SKU to have, for example kgs, metres, feet or pounds. When you setup an SKU using the built-in UNIT attribute, it will prompt the cashier to adjust the units that were defined in the settings, in your case, feet.

    Check out this article, maybe it can help

    Setting Up Unit Type


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