Showing items in POS but not Online

  • Hiya

    In theory I know the workaround for what I want – to have products that I have in store on the POS database but not show up online in Woocommerce. TO do that I have the status of those products online in woocommerce listed as “private” under the “published” state and so therefore they wont show on my website but will should show up in Woopos. Is this right?

    Is that how I would accomplish this?



    You can do this way. But we recommend you create products in POS only. Just don’t publish the products in POS to WooCommerce.

    ah i see.

    is there a way to “bulk” publish items to Woocommerce? I was looking at the SKU-import template but that field is not there. Or would I have to select that option one by one?

    There’s a “publish selected products from POS to web” button in Setup->WooCommerce. You can select products by building a query/filter.



    Sorry to be demanding, but is there a way to somehow integrate publishing from POS to web in the SKU import excel file? Just a simple “publishtoweb” column perhaps? The reason I ask is just that the method of publishing and building a query can take some time

    You can create an attribute called “publishtoweb”.

    Adding New Attributes

    Import from Excel, then build a query on this attribute and publish.

    Genius. Thanks.

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