Training Data

  • I currently own a brick and mortar retail book store with 30,000 plus books. I am currently testing the shopify e-commerce and inventory platform and would like to integrate that in to soopos. How long is your free trial? can I import a training inventory in to soopos to see if it meets my needs? I have not imported my entire inventory in to Shopify yet, only the amount needed to test all of the aspects of their program. So far it is working well. That is why I now need to test your POS to see if they will work together and meet our needs for a new POS. thanks

    SooPOS has no problem to handle 30,000+ books. You can go ahead to download, install and test. The free trial is about one month, we can extend if you need more time. Once you have everything ready, you can use “delete all data” function to start over, or let us know what data you want to keep.

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