Two POS instances or databases on same computer

  • Can I use WooPOS for two different businesses with separated databases on the same computer?


    Yes. Copy the desktop WooPOS icon, and right-click to change properties.

    Add this at the end of the target line:

    Instance WooPOSCosmeticLabs 1799


    Instance WooPOS2 1799

    In this case, CosmeticLabs is the business name, 1799 is the SQL TCP/IP port.

    Double-click this icon on the desktop, and follow the WooPOS setup wizard to start the second business setup. Please use a different email account in the setup.

    If you set up a second web store for the same business (same database), copy the c:\woopos folder to a new folder with the same name as the instance name. Then create the desktop icon, use 1788 as the SQL TCP/IP port.

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