Uploading images to Woocommerce

  • Hi

    Once I have uploaded all images to Woopos. Can I delete the images from source? (i.e. from my C:\ drive) Do they now exist in the cloud database?

    I have not yet uploaded the images from Woopos to Woocommerce website, so can I do this regardless of whether my images are in the C drive?


    All images you uploaded to POS will be in local database and cloud database. You can delete (or rename folder first) the images from the computer. Please note the database size is limited to 4G. If you have over 10,000 images, please upload to WooCommerce first, the images will be stored on your website, not in POS databases.

    Ah, how do I check the database size?

    You can check the size of the MDF file in C:\WooPOS\data

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