Vendor discount

  • what is the easiest way to make a discount to vendor specific items in the cart?
    for example I want to apply 10% discount to all items in cart with vendor name = ABC.

    another example if I want to apply 10% discount on specific list of SKUs.


    Do you want to manual discount or auto discount when selling? Or bulk change regular price in product list?

    I need to apply the discount for certain customers only.

    You can create auto discount rules based on customers or vendors. Or manually discount for each line in POS.

    for example, if one of my friends of family members visited me, then i want to give him 10% discount on certain products predefined previously during the setup.

    i don’t want to waste time selecting each product that i want to apply discount on it.

    I did create new discount rule and figure out that the query doesn’t work if the query include Arabic Characters, for example:

    department = أكاديميا AND customer type = VIP Customer

    it will always say no items matching this rule

    This is a bug, has been fixed. Please get the upgrade and try again. Thanks


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