What constitutes a billable user

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    I’m a little confused over what constitutes a billable user?

    A user is an employee login account. If a userĀ account has login activities in the calendar month, the user is a billable userĀ (working employees) for the month.

    Okay thanks

    I saw on another thread you advised someone to select non-billable admin, what exactly does that mean?

    You won’t be charged for this account. You can use this account to create users, manage sensitive data. You can create another less permission user for yourself without using strong admin password for daily work.

    sorry if I’m being stupid. So does that mean I can create many “lower level” sales staff without being billed? Or do sales staff constitute as a user?

    Or is it just full admin users that constitute a user?

    Every active user (no matter permission, position or role) will be billed monthly. The only exception is if you have this “non-billable admin” checkbox on. Only one “non-billable admin” user is allowed in the system. You cannot create a second “non-billable admin” user.

    On the top-right corner of the screen, you will see how many billable users for the month.

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