Consignment payment to customer

  • Hi,

    I’m currently trying to configure WooPOS to be able to manage consignment items.
    I have followed the knowledge base knowledge-base/creating- consignment-sku/ to create a consignment SKU and associate it to a customer. This part is fine.

    But there is other things I didn’t find the solution for yet:
    – How to pay out the value of the sold items to a customer?
    – Can a customer with not reimbursed sold consignment items use this money as a payment method?
    – Can we transfer this sold automatically to the store credit?
    – Once the customer is paid, where can we set the item as paid? I saw the mention somewhere, but didn’t find it in the system.

    I have also checked this forum post forums/topic/paying-out-to-a- customer-for-a-consignment- item/, but I didn’t find a solution to my issues neither.

    Thanks for your help.

    You can print a consignment report and manually process sold items. You can sell a negative quantity back to the consignor and use store credit as the payment type. To automate the process, we’ll have to some custom works for you. Please Email us if you need anything.

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