import inventory list bug

  • I tried to manually import inventory list,
    I went to inventory cont and created new snapshot and batch, >> scanner / file >> manually through file >> then I generated the countlist.txt file using the generate sku list..

    when I import this generated file the system immediately give me error message in the file format !!!

    so what is the proper file format?? i just want to import the sku and qty.

    How did you generate the count list file?

    The Sku list file contains Sku, UPC, description, Price, etc. It is used by the scanner.

    The count list is output from the scanner. It should be a comma delimited CSV file which contains Sku(or barcode or UPC), Quantity. It should not include the header (column names). It looks like this:


    More details here:

    Importing a CSV or TXT File for Inventory Count

    thanks it works

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