purchasing carton quantities automatically

  • So our suppliers only delivery some of our products in carton quantities but we sell single units.

    We’d like the system to place its automatic re-orders in packages instead of units.

    eg: A box contains 6 units. The box is setup as parent sku and the child sku has 6 PKG quantity.
    When placing an automatic reorder we’d like to order 1 of the parent sku and zero of the child sku.

    Thanks in advance!

    If you sell both 6-unit box and individual product, you can set up the parent SKU.

    Selling an Item Individually and by Package

    If you sell theĀ individual product only, you don’t need to set up parent SKU. Just set up package quantity and package unit name:

    When you make a purchase order, check on the “Pkg” (package) checkbox.

    You can set up auto order by individual SKU. It’ll show package quantity on the purchase order screen and report.

    Setting Up Minimum and Maximum Re-Order Quantities

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