Quick launch button to change customer

  • Hello,

    I am following this article to add a quick launch button that will allow me to change a customer (**THANK YOU**) but I am not user where I can find the member ID. My **THANK YOU** customer’s customer id is: 1-1 and this is what I am using as action: 1-1{Enter} (Tried 11, M11, M1-1 as well but without any luck). I am getting an error saying invalid SKU. Can you help me with this?

    Thank you.

    I’ve setup the member ID to GUESTTHANKYOU, and added this to quick launch button. Please check. (wait 3 minutes to get sync done).

    Great, thank you. Just in case I need to create buttons for real customers where can I find their member ID?

    I did not know this was possible but I guess creating membership cards that you could scan for fast customer changing is doable.

    You can add/import/scan Member ID to customer info screen. When you scan the Member ID in POS, if it exists and unique (different from SKU or lookup code), the system will change the customer to the Member ID you scanned.

    I always curius about this but never found the time to ask. Thank you.

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