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Quick Launch Button Options

You can create quick launch buttons to automate many different functions (see: Creating Quick Launch Buttons). The following options are some commonly used functions. Note that all commands are entered into the “Action” field during quick launch button setup.

All Numbers(0-9) and capital letters (A-Z) are accepted, rest codes can be found here:



{OemOpenBrackets}{Divide}{C, Shift}ASE{OemCloseBrackets}      will return:       [/Case]

{Oemcomma, Shift}{OemPeriod, Shift}       will return:          <>

Insert SKU / Code into Sale

Type in a SKU or code, and the button will enter that information into the “Enter SKU/CODE” field of the sale window. Put “{Enter}” (without quotation marks) after your SKU and the button will automatically add the item to the sale. For example 1024{Enter} will add SKU 1024 into the transaction.  If there are letters in SKU codes they should be capitalized in the action field.

List Products By Query

List all products that match a query in the first tab. For example:

{TabPage}Search Products{Query}skus.DepartmentFullName=N’Bath & Shower->Bath Bombs’ will add all SKUs in Bath Bombs department.

{TabPage}Search Products{Query}Description like N’vampire vape%’ will add all SKUs description starts with “vampire vape”.

{PopupListViewQuery}skus.DepartmentFullName=N’Bath & Shower->Bath Bombs’ will pop up the F5 products listing window with all SKUs in Bath Bombs department.

Change Customer

To change the currently active customer during a sale, use the action: <member ID>{Enter} and the current customer will be changed to the one corresponding to the member ID you entered. Example:

M10005008{Enter} will change the current customer to the customer with member ID “M10005008”.


Auto Discount Buttons

To automatically discount the current transaction by a set percentage. For example:

{F2}5{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Enter}  = 5% Discount

{Discount}10% = 10% Discount for Current Selected Item

{Discount}20%Discount Reason Name{F10} = 20% Discount for Current Selected Item and automatically select the discount reason and click OK button

{Discount}All10% = 10% Discount for All Items

By default, it always discount from regular price, unless you turn on switch 092 in store settings.


Auto Select Payment / Transaction Type

You can automatically select a specific type of payment, or a special transaction type by using: {Payment}PaymentTypeOrTransactionType. For example:

{Payment}Visa = Visa Payment

{Payment}Cash = Cash Payment

{Payment}Park = Park Transaction

{Payment}Quotation = Quotation Transaction Type

{Payment}A/R{Delay}{End} = Finish the transaction and pay by A/R (Account Receivable)

{Payment}M/C{Delay}{Delay}{F10}{End} = Integrated Payment, pay by credit card

{Payment}Debit{Delay}{Delay}{F10}{End} = Integrated Payment, pay by debit card

{Payment}Work Order{NoPrint}{ViewInvoice}{RecallTransaction} = Save & Preview Work Order

{Payment}Work Order{PrintInvoice}{RecallTransaction} = Save & Print Work Order

{Payment}Work Order{NoPrint} = Save as Work Order & Close Without Printing

{F11, Shift}{Delay}{Delay}{Delay}{Delay}{Y}{F6} = Discard Changes & Close

{Payment}Work Order{NoPrint}{Delay}{Delay}{Delay}{Delay}{End}{EmailTo}name@company.com{RecallTransaction} = Save as Work Order and Email

{Payment}Invoice{Finalize} = Finalize Recalled Transaction

{Currency}CAD = Change Currency

More details here.

Change Tab

If you have multiple tabs set up for quick launch buttons, you can create a button to automatically select a specific tab by using the option: {TabPage}TabPageName where “TabPageName” is the name of the tab you want to access. For example: {TabPage}Propane will switch to the “Propane” tab.



Create a shortcut for a report.



{Report}Sales By Clerk{Query}Till Name = [TillName]{BackDays}30

{Report}Inventory By Department


Recall transaction





Change clerk





Local pick-up button


This will change the shipping address to the customer ID 1-1 shipping address. This is usually the default THANK YOU customer.

Other Options

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