Synchronizing Rewards and Store Credit

  • Has anyone come up with an easy way to synchronize WooPOS rewards and store credit with their counterparts in WooCommerce (and vice versa)? Some of my customers buy in-store AND online, and keeping their rewards and store credits synchronized has become a bit of a burden here. FYI, I’m using WooCommerce Points and Rewards Version 1.6.9 and WooCommerce Account Funds Version 2.1.7 plugins in case that matters.

    I’d be happy to collaborate on developing something if nothing exists yet. Just don’t have time to do it all by myself.

    We don’t have this feature at this moment. You have to manually convert them between WooCommerce and WooPOS now. We will address this issue in future.

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll figure out a workaround in the meantime and share how I do it here (in case anyone else is in the same position).

    Hi there, I’m just looking to see if you ever found a workaround for syncing WooPos points with WooCommerce reward points? We’re possibly looking to use this on our own setup in futre. Many thanks.

    We should have the solution very soon.

    Hello, I guess you thought about this feature even if not implemented yet. I would like to ask how do you plan to do this will you make a wordpress plugin for points compatible with woopos? I am thinking to have a loyalty system soon in my web store and it would be great to know in advance what plugin I would need in order to sync my customers points in woopos when this is available.

    Do you have any recommendation? We’ll probably use WooCommerce Points and Rewards  and WooCommerce Account Funds plugins, or create our own.

    Well, I have not look into the matter that much but WooCommerce Points and Rewards seems reasonable (although pricey) choice since it is developed by the Woocommerce company.

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