Can I stay logged in to two different computers with same user at the same time?

  • Sometimes I work alone in my physical store and while I am waiting for a customer I work on my main computer in the back store (that computer may also serve as a backup computer to replace the one in the store). When a customer is ready to pay I move to the computer in the store to make the invoice and print the receipt. Then can I stay logged in to those 2 different computers at the same time? or I have to log in and log out every time I change computer?

    You can log in up to two computers at the same time using the same user account. Our pricing model only counts user accounts, not computers. This is good for starting companies and seasonal businesses. You can also install on your laptops and home computers, without extra charges.

    After reading this I think this is why this is one of the best pos solutions out there

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