Does anyone know if it is possible to use DL-AXIST with POS

  • Hi,

    Im using a dl-axist for inventory management – but since its a much better scanner than the trohestar device im using for POS (which struggles with small barcodes), Im wondering if its possible to use the dl-axist for POS scanning as well.

    Ive spent hours researching and I cant see a native way of achieving this (Ive got the scanner connected to my PC over bluetooth, and I can also access the device over WIFI using the DXU configuration utility).

    I was wondering about xconnected apps, which is a pc barcode scanner on the google play store for android devices, but it is more geared towards android phones (so I havent downloaded and tested it).

    I am not sure if it is possible. You can upload the scanned file from DL-AXIST to the POS front end. But this is not an efficient way. I think you should try another USB or BlueTooth, 1D or 2D scanner, they are not expensive anyway.


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