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    what happens if I handle a return at woocommerce. Will stock levels sync to woopos or should I process the return through woopos? I am considering buying a plugin for returns so my customers can request a return. The plugin might handle stock as well so this functionality will be useless if the stock does not getting synced to woopos.

    When you do a return in WooCommerce or a plugin, the order status should be changed to return or canceled. WooPOS should detect the status changes, recalculate QOH and change stock quantities accordingly. Please give a try, let us know if any problems.

    Ok I will. Thank you for your answer.


    I am about to handle a exchange of a product and I would like to ask will woopos monitor order status change and update the QOH or it will just monitor if the order status is set to refounded or cancled and then check for QOH changes? I am consindering to add a custom order status something like “Exchanged” and set this status when someone requests and exchange. You can undestand if woopos just monitors for specific order statuses then the new order status wont work.

    You can add a status “Exchanged” to Web. But it won’t do anything in WooPOS. If you change status to “Cancelled” or “Refunded”, the stock will be added back to QOH.

    To do an exchange, you have to create a new invoice in WooPOS, sell original items with negative quantity (or use Return function), and sell new items with positive quantity. You can do the same thing on the web, or modify the order on the web, but all changes (except order status) will not be synchronized back to WooPOS.

    Oh so it is checking only the order status and if it is canceled or refunded woopos automatically restore stock levels. What if you do a partial refund in one product? Will the stock level change for the one product that got refunded? Would not be more viable to check if the order status changed and just check if that orders items has any changes?

    Good question! What will order status be if you do a partial refund?

    There is no partial refounded order status so I gues it will be refunded.

    And when I say there is not order status I mean officially in woocommerce. Because you can add one if you are using a plugin.

    Currently, WooPOS treats status “Refunded” as a full refund. If you do partial refund or exchange, please manually create a new invoice in WooPOS, this way the QOH will get updated.

    So I should create an invoice manually and not change the order status to refunded in order to avoid QOH updates to all products? Then I wont be able to send to the partial refund email to the customer. This is kinda confusing.

    You can still change order status to “Refunded” on the web. And select “Finalize/Invoice” (convert to invoice) in WooPOS web order screen, and then create an extra manual adjustment invoice in WooPOS.

    The outstanding web order items stock is “on-hold” in WooPOS. If you invoiced out or canceled/refunded the order, it will not be “on-hold” anymore. The final QOH = Received(PO) – Sold(Invoiced) –

    Ok I understand. So lets say someone asks me to refund a item and I do that and changes status to refunded. Woopos picks up the change and sets the order as refunded (aka canceled). Is there a way I can copy from this transaction so I can immediately make the changes that needs to be done?

    In POS screen, you can go “F3 Transactions” (not “Web Orders”), select the web order, then “Copy From Transaction”, and make changes.

    Oh yeah right I thought I could not access web order from Transactions menu. One adition to your steps is selecting to see orders from all stores.

    Thank you for guidance Benjamin.

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