Linking Inventory

  • Hello,

    We are currently looking to change POS systems for our business and are looking at WooPOS as a potential fit. I am playing with your free trial right now and I have a question.

    Something we need for our core functionality of our business is to be able to link inventory between 2 sku’s or variations. Here’s an example in the real world:

    We sell soil by the yard but in different ways. We will sell it loose or in a bag and they are different prices. We need to keep track of how much we have, so we need a parent Sku that the inventory will decrease by 1 whether we sell it loose or by the bag.

    Is this something that is possible in this system?

    Yes. You can use our “parent sku” feature.

    Selling an Item Individually and by Package (Parent SKU)


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