Performance of item search at checkout screen

  • I was looking for suggestions on how to speed up the search or if there is anyway you could improve the POS tool.

    I have the software and DB on an i7 @2.8Ghz, 8GB Ram, and an SSD. Watching the PC it doesn’t seem like there is much activity to it. I do have less than steller internet at 1.5Mb DSL.

    What I notice is, when at the selling/checkout screen, if I have to search for an item, I am basically locked out of the program until all the item pictures load. Or if I type only a partial item number, I can’t add to the number if I paused and the search starts. The program is “froze” (i assume waiting on my internet) to download all the item pictures. The same goes for clicking on the item, if it is the first up, I have to wait until the rest load. This can be a minute or two delay for every item.

    As a fix is it possible to drop the item pictures OR make it so the program is responsive the entire time?

    This has been fixed a couple days ago. Please get upgrade and try again. If there’s still problem, please let me know.

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