Print Internal notes on Invoice?

  • As I have mentioned we have alot of items that are custom ordered and no way to put all the items in the POS system. We create have the “custom item” then modify price and add internal notes referencing item #, descrip, customer info. Is there an option we are missing that we can add that to the Invoice/Receipt printout?


    Internal notes cannot be printed on the invoice, it’s for internal use only, should not be visible to the customer. You can use invoice notes instead:
    printable invoice note
    Another way is to create a NOTE SKU, name the SKU as NOTE, MEMO, or CUSTOMITEM, etc. Leave the description blank and price zero. And then sell this SKU and put the description(your notes) and price dynamically.

    Creating a New SKU

    Okay, that works. Old habits from the past software die hard.

    Good evening, I’m not sure when, but I just noticed invoice notes are not printing on fullsize receipts.  Is there an option that can be checked somewhere?

    Can you email us the invoice? We’ll check for you.

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