Receipt printer issue

  • Iam using products with Arabic characters n thier titles.
    Unfortunately when i print the receipt using the text only printer, I got the English text very nicely but the Arabic characters shows as strange undefined shapes #@#¢€$$¶∆.

    This might be an issue with language charset, if you are using Unicode it should work normally with Arabic characters.

    Currently, we save as UTF-8 file and send to the printer. Can you edit files in c:\woopos\receipts folder in NotePad? Print directly from NotePad, then save the file as Unicode and print again. Some printers may not support Unicode in the text mode. Please test and let me know the result.

    You can also try to install printer driver and print as graphics mode instead of text mode by “Generic / Text Only” printer. This will work for sure.

    I did install the receipt printer driver and I have it as normal printer, however when i configured my receipt printer to be the printer for the invoices, the programs immediately crash and windows 10 crash as well.

    thus, i tried the generic text only printer which print but had this strange characters issue.

    Please email us a screenshot (or take a picture) with the detailed crash messages. What is the printer model?

    I change the file to unicode as well but got almost same results..

    however i tried the printer driver again and it works fine this time.. I just upgrade to latest version.

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