Stock Variance between WEB & POS

  • Hi,
    I noticed that some products quantity are shown as zero in Website while the quantity is correct in POS Web store.. how can I force POS to send the WEB store quantity to my website?

    I already have the switch “automatically upload stock quantity” enables in woocommerce setting tab

    You can export quantities to excel file and then import back. If the system detects the changes, it will automatically push to the website.

    I have reset for you this time. Just wait a while a check again.

    Thanks for help,

    to avoid such manual intervention from support team in future,

    I suggest to have feature to force pushing the quantities from POS to WEB based on certain query..

    currently there is already button to publish selected products from POS to WEB, but in my case I just want to correct the stocks.


    anyhow with such good and fast support from WOOPOS team, such feature might not be needed 🙂



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