Syncing POS orders with WooCommerce – duplicate data?

  • So we wanted to somehow sync to Quickbooks online, printing out a month worth of transactions and manually entering them is easily a day or two of work.  So the goal was to get orders into the web and then use a WordPress/Woocommerce QB plugin.

    Looking at this thread –  It is mention to :  “You can also upload all transactions to WooCommerce and use a WordPress plugin to connect to QBO.”

    So we enabled upload customers created in POS and upload POS invoices to web orders.

    It started syncing right away and emails started flowing from woocommerce about new orders and items out of stock/backorder.

    Is there anyway to NOT manually fix all the inventory now being off or undo the last change and do this a different way?




    You can disable email notifications in WooCommerce. The stock quantity should be changed automatically. If you want to undo, you can delete these orders in WooCommerce. Please do bulk upload quantities using the button at bottom of the setup window.

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