two cashiers

  • I have an exhibition soon, due to the demands, I want to have two cashier, both will use same store id as they are both selling from the same inventory. however each one will have his own PC and cash box.

    what is the recommended way for such setup? and how should we do the end of day.

    Just create two users, give them store access permission for the store. In “Printers and local settings”, set up “When starting, login to store id”. Let them do “DayEnd by cashier” (for each cashier) first, and then “Dayend by store” (merge cashiers).

    if each one did dayend by cashier, then do we need to do dayend by store again?

    You can do it later. Some reports like “sales summary: need to do “dayend by store”. It just merges cashiers totals to store.

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